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Dalgety and Co Ltd (1884 - 1961)

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Location: England

Dalgety & Co Ltd, a consolidation of various firms, was incorporated into a joint-stock company and registered in London on 29 April 1884.

In 1956/7 Dalgety London Ltd was formed to take over all operation previously carried on in London.

Dalgety & Co Ltd merged with the New Zealand
Loan & Mercantile Agency Co Ltd in 1961 to form Dalgety & New Zealand Loan Ltd (UK)

In Australia, the company moved into pastoral development by the establishment of Pastoral Development (Holding) Ltd (est 1964) and acquired the New Zealand & Australian Land Company in 1968. In 1968 decision to run Australian and NZ interests as separate trading companies. In 1970 a major reorganisation occurred when DNZL became Dalgety Ltd operating in Australia, NZ, UK, USA and Canada. Major branch operations were transferred to the locally incorporated companies: Dalgety Australia Ltd and Dalgety New Zealand Ltd. Dec 1983 saw merger of Dalgety Investments Pty Ltd (Dalgety UK) , Farmers Grazcos Co-op, Bennett Fisher & Co and Southern Farmers Group Ltd to form Dalgety’s Farmers Ltd. Dalgety Australia Ltd used as vehicle for change. In 1993 Dalgety Farmers Ltd became LFD Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of ANZ Banking Group and Dalgety’s pastoral interests were sold to Wesfarmers.

Sources used to compile this entry: Original data from D. Terwiel, S. P. Ville and G. A. Fleming, Australian Business Records: An Archival Guide, Canberra : Australian National University, Faculty of Economics and Commerce, Dept. of Economic History, 1998.
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