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Robert Reid & Co Ltd (1919 - 1966)

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Location: Victoria

The company was registered in Victoria on 21 March 1919 and took over the wholesale of soft goods business of the English company of the same name which had been formed in 1898. The origins of the English company date back to 1866 when the partnership between Warne and Webster was established in Melbourne with Robert Reid joining in 1874. The company successfully traded with its two main subsidiaries, Hustlers Pty Ltd (Inc. NSW) and Robert Reid & Co Ltd (Inc. England) until October 1957, when it merged with David Murray Holdings Ltd (Adelaide) forming Reid Murray Holdings Ltd. The latter company was liquidated in 1963 but Robert Reid kept going as its only trading subsidiary until 1966 when it was bought by Ralli Australia Pty Ltd and merged with Paterson, Laing & Bruce Ltd into Paterson, Reid & Bruce Ltd.

Associated companies: Paterson, Laing & Bruce Ltd, Paterson, Reid & Bruce Ltd.

Sources used to compile this entry: Original data from D. Terwiel, S. P. Ville and G. A. Fleming, Australian Business Records: An Archival Guide, Canberra : Australian National University, Faculty of Economics and Commerce, Dept. of Economic History, 1998.
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 1919 - 1966 Robert Reid & Co Ltd
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