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Bradmill Industries Ltd (1968 - )

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The company was registered in Sydney on June 22 1927, as Bradford Cotton Mills Limited. The founder was a Mr. F. M. Keighley of Bradford, England. The public did not have a share interest in the company until March 1935. The company adopted the name Bradmill Industries Limited on February 16, 1968.

The company was able to expand with several takeovers of manufacturing companies. In 1939 the Austral Silk & Cotton Mills Ltd, Burlington Mills (Aust) Ltd (1954); Davies Coop & Company Ltd (1969); King Gee Clothing Co. Pty Ltd (controlling interest in 1969 and balance in 1971); Edward Fletcher & Company Pty Ltd (1971) and Ace Industrial Dry Cleaners (1973), were all acquired.

The company as a leading manufacturer of textiles, had spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing and finishing plants in N.S.W, Tasmania, S.A. and Victoria. The company expanded overseas in 1974 when Bradmill (N.Z) Limited commenced operations. Stubbies Limited was incorporated in the USA in 1977.

In December 1978, the company acquired the Actil Ltd group of companies.

In December 1983 Entrad Ltd Trust acquired 98% of Bradmill and on July 5 1984 the company changed its name to Entrad Corporation.

Sources used to compile this entry: Information provided by RMIT, MBIT student, Catherine Nolan.
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 1925 - 1969 Davies Coop & Co Ltd
 1927 - 1968 Bradford Cotton Mills Ltd
       1968 - Bradmill Industries Ltd

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