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Colonial Sugar Refining Co Ltd was founded in 1855 by Sir Edward Knox. Formed as a reconstruction of the Australasian Sugar Company (ASC) which (in 1842) had succeeded the ASC the first company established in Australia for refining sugar.

It was incorporated in NSW on 1 July 1887 as The Colonial Sugar Refining Co Ltd (C.S.R. Co). The present name (CSR Limited) was adopted in 1973. It operated mills and refineries, and acted as agents for the Queensland government, and the export marketing of all refined sugar from Australia. On 1 June 1857 an associate Company, the Victorian Sugar Co was formed in Melbourne. On 23 June 1883 the New Zealand Sugar Company Limited was formed with C.S.R. Co, the Victorian Sugar Co and New Zealand financiers each acquiring one third of the shares. This company was amalgamated with C.S.R. Co in 1888. C.S.R. Co and the Victoria Sugar Company amalgamated on 1 Jul 1887. On the same day the Colonial Sugar Refining Company Limited was registered with capital of 600,00. In 1915 the Colonial Sugar Refining Company (Fiji and New Zealand) Limited was formed to take over the assets of C.S.R Co outside Australia. Liquidated in 1923 its assets returned to C.S.R Co. CSR Limited took over Australian Estates Co Ltd in 1975. From sugar refining, milling and distillery operation CSR Ltd has diversified into mining, building material, chemicals and other interests.

URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://www.csr.com.au
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 1908 - 1969 Wunderlich Ltd
       1855 - 1973 The Colonial Sugar Refining Co Ltd
              CSR Ltd

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