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Dalgety Australia Ltd

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Dalgety & Co Ltd, a consolidation of various firms, was incorporated into a joint-stock company and registered in London on 29 April 1884. From 1884 to WWII were merchants in rural areas, wool brokers, stock and station and shipping agents in Australia and New Zealand. For a full list of takeovers and subsidiary companies contact NBAC. In 1956/7 Dalgety London Ltd was formed to take over all operation previously carried on in London. Dalgety & Co Ltd merged with the New Zealand Loan & Mercantile Agency Co Ltd in Nov 1961 to form Dalgety & New Zealand Loan Ltd (UK) (DNZL). In Australia, Dalgety moved into pastoral development by the establishment of Pastoral Development (Holding) Ltd (est. 1964) and acquired the New Zealand & Australian Land Company in 1968. In 1968 decision to run Australian and NZ interests as separate trading companies. In 1970 a major reorganisation occurred when DNZL became Dalgety Ltd operating in Australia, NZ, UK, USA and Canada. Major branch operations were transferred to the locally incorporated companies: Dalgety Australia Ltd and Dalgety New Zealand Ltd. Dec 1983 saw merger of Dalgety Investments Pty Ltd (Dalgety UK) , Farmers Grazcos Co-op, Bennett Fisher & Co and Southern Farmers Group Ltd to form Dalgety’s Farmers Ltd. Dalgety Australia Ltd used as vehicle for change. In 1993 Dalgety Farmers Ltd became LFD Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of ANZ Banking Group and Dalgety’s pastoral interests were sold to Wesfarmers.

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