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Barrier Reef Airways (1946 - 1952)

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Established in 1946 and later renamed Barrier Reef Pty Ltd. Merged with Oceanic Airways to form Ansett Flying Boat Services in 1952.

Barrier Reef Airways was foundered by Capt. Stewart Middlemisss and Chris Poulson in October 1946. Poulsom was later killed and Middlemiss continued to run the business.

Charter operations were undertaken from April 1947, whilst awaiting its airline operating licence. Its first airline operation, using a Consolidated (Boeing Canada) PB2B-2R Catalina, was on 12 July 1947, Brisbane (Hamilton Reach_ to Gladstone-Heron Island. On 8 December 1947, Brisbane-Daydream Island services began. Lindeman Island was added to the route on 28 March 1948.

The business was renamed Barrier Reef Airways Pty Ltd, in April 1950, after Ansett Transport Industries acquires 51% of its shares (Middlemiss needed cash to purchase twp short S.25 Sandringham flying boats, to replace his two old Catalina's). Its first Sandringham, VH-BRC, arrived Brisbane 27 April 1950 and entered service on 23 May 1950. On 2 July 1950 Barrier Reef Airways operated its inaugural service to Hayman Island. Barrier Reef Airways began a Brisbane-Sydney service on 1 July 1951.

Barrier Reef Airways was absorbed into Ansett Flying Boat Services Pty Ltd when it was formed in May 1952. The business continued to trade under its own name for marketing purposes until march 1953.

Barrier Reef Airways used varying logos on their aircraft see "Gallery" for examples.

Sources used to compile this entry: Information provided by Fred Invent of Oakleigh, Victoria.
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 1946 - 1952 Barrier Reef Airways
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