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Adelaide & Wallaroo Fertilizers Ltd (1965 - 1987)

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Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Formed in 1965, the company's name was changed to Top Australia Ltd in 1987 to reflect the company's major brand.

The company was incorporated in Adelaide on November 12 1965, to merge The Adelaide Chemical & Fertilizer Co. Ltd. and Wallaroo-Mount Lyell Fertilisers Ltd.

In 1980, the company combined its acid, chemical and copper divisions, marketing these products under the trading name Adelaide Chemical Company. The company marketed a range of home garden products under the brand name TOP.

In June 1985 the company acquired M. F. Hodge & Sons Pty. Ltd., thus entering the flower, vegetable and lawn seed, pesticide, weedicide, specialty fertilizers, potting mix and snail bait markets. Its fully owned subsidiary, Saftrans Pty. Ltd., operated as a transport company.

On 3 December 1987 the company changed its name to TOP Australia Ltd to reflect the name of the company’s major brand.

Sources used to compile this entry: Information provided by RMIT, MBIT student, Catherine Nolan.
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