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Australian Newsprint Mills Limited (1947 - 1959)

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Registered in Tasmania as a proprietary company in 1938 and converted to a public company in 1947. In 1959 the company was taken over by Australian Newsprint Mills Holdings Ltd

The company was registered in Hobart, Tasmania on May 29, 1958, and acquired the issue capital of Australian Newsprint Mills Ltd. The operating company was formed in 1938 and commenced production of newsprint in 1941. In April 1959 the placement of 1,000,000 ordinary shares were made public. The main shareholders were Herald & Weekly Times Ltd., John Fairfax Ltd., Tasman Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd., Advertiser Newspaper Ltd., and Queensland Press Ltd. During 1962-63 the company issued 2,000,000 ordinary shares to Tasman Pulp and Paper Co. Ltd in exchange for and equal number of ordinary shares in that company.

In February 1972 the Herald and Weekly Times made a move to take over the company by bidding for its shares. The takeover was successful on June 6, 1979.

Sources used to compile this entry: Information provided by RMIT, MBIT student, Catherine Nolan.
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