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Geelong Heritage Centre, Geelong City Council
Adelaide Steamship Company Ltd (1875 - 1997)
Alcoa of Australia Pty Ltd (1961 - )
Anderson Roadknight Hall
Austin of Avalon
Austral Paper Mill
Australian Cement Ltd (1925 - 1964)
Australian Cement Works Ltd
Australian Portland Cement Company Pty Ltd [I] (1895 - 1925)
Australian Salt Company
Belcher and Co
Berry Bank Pty Ltd (? - 1978)
Berry Bank Station
Birmid Auto Castings Pty Ltd
Blakiston and Co Pty Ltd
Boardman's General Stores
Bowen Salt Ltd
Bright and Hitchcocks (Stores) Ltd (1950 - 1959)
Buchan, Laird and Buchan (? - 1973)
Candy Australia
Carngham Pastoral Station
Cashmore Brothers
Chas Cole and Co
Cheetham Salt Pty Ltd (1894 - )
Clyde Company Wool Scourers
Cobb & Co (1854? - 1924?)
Collins Brothers Pty Ltd
Commercial Bank of Australia Ltd (1866 - 1982)
Co-operative Building Society of South Australia (1900 - 1994)
Dalgety and Co Ltd (1884 - 1961)
Dalgety and New Zealand Loan Ltd (1961 - 1970)
Dalgety Australia Ltd
Dennys Lascelles Ltd
E. Bechervaise and Sons
Elder Smith & Co Ltd (1888 - 1963)
Electric Lighting and Traction Company of Australia (1899 - 1921)
Excelsior Woollen Mills
Flavelle Brothers Limited
Fyansford Carriage Works
Fyansford Cement Works
G. Hawkins
Geelong Aerated Waters Pty Ltd
Geelong and Cressy Trading Company
Geelong Chamber of Commerce
Geelong Decorating Company
Geelong Gas Company (1858 - )
Geelong Independent Business Inc
Geelong Mutual Sick Benefit Association
Geelong Sea Bathing Company Ltd
Geelong Times Pty Ltd
Hamilton and Macleod Pty Ltd
Harvey, Dann and Co
Hawke & Co Ltd
Hawkes Brothers Pty Ltd
Heath Motor Company
Hendy and Apted
Hendy Leary
Hooper's Grocery
Huddart Parker Ltd (1889 - )
International Harvester Co of Australia
J. Anderson and Co
J.C. Brown
J.M. Hamilton
M. Donaghy & Sons Pty Ltd
Marnock Geelong Pty Ltd
Melbourne Electric Supply Company Ltd (1908 - )
Montague Pitcher
Moranghurk Station
Ocean Salt (Extended) Ltd
Provincial Co-operative Society Ltd
Purnell and Sons
Pyramid Building Society Ltd
Queensland Salt Ltd
Radio Station 3 GL
Regent Theatres Pty Ltd
Returned Soldiers Woollen and Worsted Co-operative Ltd
Rigby Stewart
Roadknight and Company
Robertson Brothers
S.R. Boardman
Salt Sellers Pty Ltd
Seesalt Pty Ltd
Val Morgan Advertising Co
Valley Worsted Mill
Victorian Forage Pressing Company Pty Ltd
W. & W. Higgins
W.H. Renton
Warrenbeen Station
Weatherboard Station
Western Stage Company
Winklers Bicycle Shop
Glasgow University Archive Services
Blackie & Son (Australasia) Ltd
Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section
Australasian United Steam Navigation Ltd (1887 - )
P.W. Flower and Sons
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